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Japan-Hawaii Solar Impulse flight canceled

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June 23, 2015

Immobilized for three weeks in Japan, Solar Impulse two had planned to fly Tuesday toward Hawaii. The bad weather is the cause.

Image Above: The Solar Impulse team has indicated a desire to take off again in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday of Japan, take off canceled for reasons of bad weather.

Solar plane piloted André Borschberg should take off from Nagoya at 19:30 on Tuesday. Adverse weather conditions have prevented it.

The solar plane is stuck in Nagoya since June 2 because of the rainy season in Japan. It had taken off from Nanjing (Eastern China) toward Hawaii but had to give up to continue the flight due to impassable cloudy forehead.

Solar Impulse 2 protection tent montage

Since then, no lasting thinning not arisen even if the team hoped to take off again several times. André Borschberg had also declared able to wait two months if necessary.

Solar Impulse 2 had left on March 9 Abu Dhabi to a world tour of 35,000 kilometers to promote the use of renewable energy, particularly solar energy.

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