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SolarImpulse - Bertrand Piccard has reached the Gate of New York City

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May 25, 2016

Bertrand Piccard landed at the gate of New York City in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania at 12:49 AM UTC, 2:49 AM CET on May 26th and 9:49 PM EDT on May 25th. After the brief incident with the mobile hangar in Dayton, Ohio, Bertrand’s takeoff was postponed by a day to make sure the plane had no damages and was safe to fly. The Ground Crew checked the plane for damages while the Mission Engineers in Monaco found another weather window to fly on May 25th. When the plane was declared safe, Bertrand could finally takeoff to Lehigh Valley!

This leads us to our final flight in the United States: the flyover of the Statue of Liberty and a landing at JFK, where Bertrand Piccard will get ready for the Atlantic Crossing. While Bertrand flew Si2 to Pennsylvania, André Borschberg began preparing the Ground Crew for his landing in Lehigh Valley International Airport.

Bertrand Piccard completed this 16 hour and 47 minute flight, arriving earlier than scheduled above Lehigh Valley International Airport, Pennsylvania. He crossed a total distance of 750 kilometers, flying across Ohio, briefly touching West Virginia, and crossing Pennsylvania to land at the airport close to Allentown.

Solar Impulse Airplane - Leg 13 - Flight Dayton to Lehigh Valley

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