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Kuaizhou-1A rocket launches several small satellites

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Jan. 9, 2017

China orbited three small satellites using the Kuaizhou-1A (KZ-1A) launch vehicle from the Jiuquan Launch Center. The launch was originally scheduled for the last day of 2016. However, the launch was delayed without notice and without specific reasons.

Kuaizhou-1A rocket launches several small satellites

Launch took place at 04:11 UTC on January 9 and comes after the first contract was signed between Chang Guang SatelliteTechnology Ltd (CGSTL) and EXPACE/CASIC. Expace Technology Co., Ltd.

China Launches New Commercial Rocket Kuaizhou-1A

The first launch of the Kuaizhou-1A launch vehicle orbited the Jilin Linye-1 forestry satellite and two small CubeSats-2U: the Xingyun Shiyan-1 and the Kaidun-1 ‘Caton-1’.

The Jilin Linye-1 (Lingqiao Shipin 03) satellite is a remote sensing satellite for high definition video designed to capture videos with a ground resolution better than 1,0 meters and with a swath of 11 km × 4.5 km. The operation life of the mission is 3 years and the satellite will be used for forestry monitoring.

Lingqiao 3 satellite

Xingyun Shiyan- 1 was developed by the CASIC 9th Academy. XYSY-1 is described as a satellite that will be testing low Earth orbit narrow-band communication downlink technologies.

Developed by the Beijing Caton Universal Technology Ltd., Kaidun-1 ‘Caton-1’ is a CubeSat-2U that will be used for ship traffic management and probably carrying an AIS ship-tracking receiver.

The satellite will also help to implement a security monitoring system for navigation at sea, using intelligent sensors, intelligent communication equipment, intelligent lighting and other navigation products to help navigation.

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