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Successful launches for Proton-M carrying EchoStar 21

ILS - Proton-M / EchoStar 21 Mission poster.

June 13, 2017

Launch of the Proton-M LV with EchoStar 21

June 8, 2017 at 6:45 Moscow Time the Proton-M launch vehicle successfully lifted off from the BAIKONUR Space Center in Kazakhstan, with the EchoStar 21 satellite on board. It was the first Proton-M launch in 2017.

The launch of the Proton-M LV with EchoStar 21

The first three stages of the Proton-M used a standard ascent profile to place the orbital unit (Breeze-M upper stage and the EchoStar 21 satellite) into a sub-orbital trajectory. From this point in the mission, the Breeze-M will perform planned mission maneuvers to advance the orbital unit first to a nearly circular parking orbit, then to an intermediate orbit, followed by a transfer orbit, and finally to a geosynchronous transfer orbit. Separation of the EchoStar XXI satellite is scheduled to occur approximately 9 hours, 13 minutes after liftoff.

EchoStar 21 satellite

EchoStar 21 is a state-of-the-art S-band satellite designed to provide mobile connectivity throughout Europe. The spacecraft, based on SSL’s 1300 bus, will be located at the 10.25° East orbital slot. EchoStar subsidiary EchoStar Mobile Limited, an EU-wide licensee for an integrated mobile satellite service network with a complementary ground component, will utilize a portion of the capacity on EchoStar 21 to provision its next-generation, all IP-enabled mobile communications network.

Launch Vehicle Manufacturer: Khrunichev State Research and Production Space Center.

Launch Services Provider: International Launch Services, Reston, Va.

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Images, Video, Text, Credits: ROSCOSMOS/ILS/Günter Space Page.


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