lundi 18 juin 2018

Russian Aerospace Forces Successfully Launched the Soyuz-2.1b Rocket Carrying Glonass-M

Russian Aerospace Forces - GLONASS patch.

June 18, 2018

 Souyz-2.1b rocket carrying Glonass-M launch from Plesetsk Cosmodrome

On June 17, 2018, at 0:46 MT, Russian Aerospace Forces have successfully launched the Souyz-2.1b rocket vehicle with a Glonass-M spacecraft from the Plesetsk Cosmodrome. Launch of the rocket vehicle and ascent to orbit were held under normal conditions.

Soyuz-2.1b launches GLONASS-M navigation satellite

A Russian government Soyuz rocket launches a Glonass M navigation satellite. The rocket flight in the Soyuz 2-1b configuration with a Fregat upper stage.

GLONASS-M satellite

In three minutes after the launch, the Soyuz-2.1b was tracked by ground automated control complex of the Main Test Space Centre named after German Titov.

Roscosmos Press Release:

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