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Solar Impulse 2 take off from Nagoya to Hawaii

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June 28, 2015

The revolutionary solar plane, stuck in Japan since June 2 due to weather, took off on Monday morning (Japan time) to fly over the Pacific Ocean.

Solar Impulse 2 attempt flight to Hawaii

Immobilized for nearly a month in central Japan, Solar Impulse 2 resumed its journey towards Hawaii. Solar plane piloted by André Borschberg Vaudois took off from Nagoya, announced a spokesman.

The aircraft left the runway Nagoya to fly over the Pacific Ocean 03:00 Monday local time (GMT 6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. Switzerland Sunday). His journey to reach Hawaii should last 120 hours.

The solar plane was stuck in Nagoya since June 2 because of the rainy season in Japan. It had taken off from Nanjing (Eastern China) toward Hawaii but had to give up to continue the flight due to impassable cloudy forehead.

André Borschberg pilot of this flight

Since then, no lasting thinning was not presented, although the team has hoped to take off again several times. André Borschberg had also declared able to wait two months if necessary.

Solar Impulse 2 began its journey on March 9 in Abu Dhabi. After Hawaii, the device must stopover in Phoenix and New York before crossing the Atlantic and reach southern Europe or North Africa. His world tour of 35,000 kilometers is intended to promote the use of renewable energy, particularly solar energy.

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Images, Text, Credits: SolarImpulse/ATS/AFP/Orbiter.ch Aerospace.

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