lundi 27 juillet 2015

The correction of the ISS orbit

ISS - International Space Station patch.


July 26, 2015 at MCC Roscosmos was an exceptional correction of the orbit of the International Space Station with the purpose of evasion of debris - a fragment of the destruction of an USA spacecraft.

According to the service ballistics navigation support (MCC), using the engines of TGK Progress M-26M were started at 6 o'clock 48 minutes (MSK) and worked for 252 seconds, providing impetus to 0.5 m/s to raise the orbit.

ISS re-boost by Progress

As a result of the maneuver the average height of flight of the station increased by 0.9 km and amounted to 402.21 km.

Design parameters of the orbit as a result of the correction:

The minimum height above the Earth's surface - 402.8 km.

The maximum height above the Earth's surface - 420.07 km.

The orbital period - 92.55 min.

Inclination - 51.66 deg.

ROSCOSMOS Press Release:

Image, Text, Credits: Press Service of the Russian Federal Space Agency/NASA/ Aerospace.


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