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Progress M-26M has successfully undocked from the ISS

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Progress-M space cargo undocking ISS. Image Credit: NASA TV

In accordance with the flight of the International Space Station on August 14, 2015 in 13 hours 18 minutes Moscow time, the command was given to undock cargo spacecraft Progress M-26M from the service module of the Russian segment of the ISS (13:19 - undocking). After removal of the ship to a safe distance from the station, Mission Control Center specialists have started FSUE TsNIIMash controlled reduction of the spacecraft from orbit.

The Progress M-26M was docked on ISS on February 17, 2015. After completing the main task of delivering needed to maintain the functioning of the station life systems for the crew (new filters and parts, food, water), was used for 12 orbit correction at providing ballistic flight station.

Russian Space Station Supply Ship Departs ISS

Video Credit: NASA TV.

According to the calculations of experts providing ballistic flight service station, engine of cargo ship Progress M-26M to be deorbited today in 16 hours 28 minutes Moscow time and, having worked on the braking pulse position, the ship was oriented to the descent to Earth.

At 17 hours 17 minutes Moscow Time fireproof structural elements of the ship fall in the estimated area of ​​non-navigational area of ​​the Pacific Ocean.

In accordance with the schedule of flights to the International Space Station, is scheduled for August 17 launch of the Japanese cargo spacecraft HTV-5 after 4 days is expected to dock with the ISS. Progress M-29M is scheduled for October 1, 2015.

ROSCOSMOS Press Release: and

Image (mentioned), Video (mentioned), Text, Credits: Press Service of the Russian Federal Space Agency (ROSCOSMOS)/ Aerospace.


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