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Proton-M with the spacecraft TURKSAT-4B was successfully launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome

ILS - Proton-M / TURKSAT-4B Launch Mission poster.


Proton-M with the spacecraft TURKSAT-4B launch

October 16 at 23:40 MSK (21:40 GMT) starting calculations of rocket-space industry of Russia conducted a successful launch of Proton-M rocket with the upper stage Breeze-M spacecraft and Turksat-4B from the launch pad Baikonur 200 Baikonur Cosmodrome.

Proton-M carrying the spacecraft TURKSAT-4B launch

At 23:49 MSK (21:49 GMT) space head part (upper stage and spacecraft) cleanly separated from the third stage of the launch vehicle and entered the calculated orbit.

Upper stage Breeze-M and TURKSAT-4B at the top

Further injection into the target orbit carried the upper stage Breeze-M. The total duration of excretion from the start of the launcher before separation of the spacecraft will be 9 hours and 13 minutes, separating the spacecraft Turksat-4B is scheduled for 8:53 MSK (6:53 GMT) on 17 October 2015.

Satellite Use: 

TURKSAT-4B satellite

TURKSAT-4B is a commercial communication satellite built by Mitsubishi Electric. The satellite will provide telecommunication and direct TV broadcasting services over a wide geographic region between west of China and east of England spanning Turkey, as well as Europe, Central Asia, the Middle East and Africa. TURKSAT-4B will be positioned at 50 degrees east longitude and consists of multiple transponders with an expected on-orbit maneuver life of 30 years. TURKSAT-4B satellite will expand the space capacity of Turkey and provide enhanced performance to its coverage areas. The satellite will provide high flexibility of switchability and connectivity among different service areas to its customers.

Satellite Statistics:
- Mitsubishi Electric’s DS2000 platform

- 36 transponders

- 2084 MHz communications capacity

- Extensive coverage and connectivity over Turkey, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa

- Satellite Maneuver Lifetime: 30 years

This launch was the fifth since the beginning of 2015, the successful launch in to the space using a carrier rocket Proton-M. Previous launch rocket Proton-M took place on September 14 2015 with a Russian communications satellite Express-AM8.

Launch Services Provider:
International Launch Services (ILS):

ROSCOSMOS Press Release:

Images, Video, Text, Credits: ILS/ROSCOSMOS/Mitsubishi Electric/ Aerospace/Roland Berga.

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