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Khrunichev Center: ISS - 17 years in orbit

ROSCOSMOS - Zarya IA/R - ISS power block 1 patch.

November 21, 2015

17 years ago, on 20 November 1998, it began the construction of the International Space Station (ISS). From the Baikonur cosmodrome was successfully launched Proton rocket with the Functional Cargo Block (FGB) "Dawn."

November 20, 1998 - Proton-K launch with Zarya - ISS block 1

The International Space Station - the largest scientific and technical unique space project, which combined intellectual and financial resources of many countries.

Work on defining the configuration of the ISS with Russia began in August 1993. In early September 1993 signed an intergovernmental agreement on Russia's participation in the creation of the ISS and the US participation in the program of the Russian "Mir". In September 1993, a team of NASA and industrial firms visited the Khrunichev Center to become familiar with its capabilities to participate in the ISS program.

October 4, 1993 at the Russian Federal Space Agency (FKA) held a meeting with representatives of the Khrunichev. MV Khrunichev, RSC "Energia», NASA and the Boeing company, where it was decided to use as the first module of the ISS power block "Zarya" - an analog of heavy transport ships and modules for space stations created in the Center Khrunichev more than 20 years. The lead developer and manufacturer of module "Zarya" was the Khrunichev Center. Total unit participated in the creation of about 240 Russian companies.

FGB "Zarya" - ISS block 1 in orbit

Over the years, the construction of the space station to the FGB "Zarya" were docked American module Unity (1998) and the Russian module "Zvezda" (2000). In 2001, the ISS were attached: laboratory module Destiny, airlock Quest and docking compartment "Pirs". Then added to the ISS American module Harmony (2007), the European module Columbus (2008) and the Japanese Kibo (2008).

Khrunichev Center held a large amount of work to extend the service life of the ISS until 2024. At the Khrunichev Center is involved in the final stage of creating the third module of the Russian segment of the ISS - a multipurpose laboratory module "Science."

ROSCOSMOS Press Release:

Images, Text, Credits: ROSCOSMOS/Khrunichev Center/Wikimedia/Translation: Aerospace/Roland Berga.

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