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Lunokhod-1 first on the surface of the Earth satellite

Lunokhod-1 Soviet propaganda poster.



November 17, 1970 the Soviet self-propelled machine Lunokhod-1 paved the first track on the lunar surface. A new stage in the study of Earth's natural satellite by automatic machines.

Lunokhod-1 Panoramas

Given the short time of a radio signal to the moon and back, 2.5 seconds, the control system Lunokhod was decided to make the distance, that is, commands from Earth. The crew of the lunar rover had before Videocontrol devices - monitors, which displays information about the state of telemetry systems rover, as well as the television image of the lunar surface. To work operators have set up special boards fitted with control knobs on the type of those having a manned spacecraft. Any change in the position of the handle is automatically converted into commands that the NPC through the antenna 10 were transferred to the rover.

Lunokhod-1 operator from control center on Earth
Lunokhod-1 conducted research on the surface of the moon and near-moon space until 30 September 1971. The total duration of the active functioning of the self-propelled machine Lunokhod-1 was 301 hours 37 minutes running. The unit was roll on the moon 10'540 meters, which was a world record, transmitted to Earth 211 lunar panoramas, 25 thousand photographs and other research results.

 NASA LRO Image: Lunokhod-1 Rover Parked On The Lunar Surface

"Lunokhod-1" has been created in the design office Khimki Machine Building Plant named after S. Lavochkin under the direction of Gregory N. Babakina. The self-propelled chassis for Lunokhod was created in VNIITransmash led by Alexander Leonovich Kemurdzhiana.

ROSCOSMOS Press Release:

Images, Text, Credits: ROSCOSMOS/NPO Lavochkin/Russian Academy of Sciences/NASA/Translation: Aerospace.

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