dimanche 13 mars 2016

Soyuz 2-1B Successfully Launched From Baikonur


March 13, 2016

 Soyuz 2-1B rocket launch (archive image)

The Soyuz 2-1B rocket with the Resurs-P No.3 remote-sensing satellite was successfully launched from Baikonur on Sunday, which was the second attempt, a spokesman to the Russian Space Agency Roscosmos told RIA Novosti.

Launch of Resurs-P #3 on Russian Soyuz 2-1B

On Saturday, an automatic engine cutoff cancelled the launch of the Russian Soyuz 2-1B rocket carrier from Baikonur. After that, the launch was postponed to Sunday evening, with no changes introduced into the schedule of other Soyuz launches.

Resurs P3 Earth observation satellite description

"The carrier rocket Soyuz-2-1B was launched at the scheduled time — 9:56 p.m. Moscow time (18:56 GMT)," the spokesman said. Resurs P3 Earth observation satellite to collect remote sensing data for Russian government agencies and foreign customers.

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