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SolarImpulse - André Borschberg took off to Dayton, Ohio!

SolarImpulse - Around The World patch.

May 21, 2016

Image above: The Solar Impulse 2 airplane rose from the cool tarmac at Tulsa International Airport with André Borschberg in the cockpit.

André Borschberg will continue crossing the United States today, flying from Tulsa, Oklahoma to Dayton, Ohio. He will takeoff at 9:30 AM UTC, 11:30 AM CET, and 04:30 AM CDT on May 21st from Tulsa International Airport and will be landing 17 hours and 30 minutes later at Dayton International Airport.

 André Borschberg departure from Dayton

SolarImpulse Team have prepared a lot of material so that you can fully immerse yourself in this flight! Here’s a sneak peek of what we have in store for you:

-   A peek into André Borschberg’s journey from Tulsa to Dayton with our TV Presenter Kari. You can access the full live experience here:

-   A chance to ask your questions to our pilot while he sits in the cockpit during his  flight through two facebook lives (estimated times: 12:00PM UTC and 16:00 UTC).

André Borschberg interview before departure

-   Details about the clean technology our engineers integrated in the plane.

-   A 360 video putting you in the middle of the flight preparations at the Tulsa hangar.

360 video - Solar Impulse's preparations in Tulsa

-   An insight into the technical and psychological challenges our pilot and team will   be facing during this flight

-   A tribute to the Wright Brothers’ legacy as the first to have flown a heavier-than-  air powered aircraft

-   Cartoons that we will release during the flight as a commentary

-   Periscope on twitter like this one:

For more information about SolarImpulse Around The World, visit:

Images, Video, Text, Credit: SolarImpulse.


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