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Pilatus victim of its success

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June 12, 2016

Faced with strong demand for its PC-24, the aircraft manufacturer of Nidwald not accepting any new order.

Pilatus PC-24 business jet

Switzerland - Pilatus is a victim of its success: the Federal Council, the President of Nestle Peter Brabeck and many others want the latest jewel, the PC-24 business jet. Meet demand, the manufacturer of Nidwald not accepting any new order.

Pilatus has sold 84 copies of the PC-24 during the presentation of the device there are two. "We are booked until the end of 2019," said the president of Pilatus Oscar Schwenk in an interview published Monday in the Tages-Anzeiger and Bund.

The PC-24 is the first jet aircraft built by the company in Central Switzerland, hitherto specialized in propeller aircraft. Among the customers whose orders have been accepted are the Federal Council, Peter Brabeck, rental companies and aircraft charter companies.

Respected promises

Since the first wave control, Pilatus has not taken any mandate. The company expects to have all the necessary permits before opening his notebook. "We must be sure that we can keep our promises," said Oscar Schwenk. But stop commands also has its price. Customers have been lost, he says. "But we can live with, demand is quite large."

Pilatus PC-24 business jet

The first PC-24 will be delivered in a year and a half, in November 2017, the US firm Planesense. The Federal Council will not receive his jet before the end of summer 2018. In the meantime, all the childhood diseases have been treated, said Oscar Schwenk.

The new Federal Council plane costs $ 8.9 million (8.7 million Sfr), a fixed price. "The Federal Council thought he could bargain," but he must pay the normal price, according to the chairman of Pilatus.

"Schweizer Standort" (Swiss Standard)

The PC-24 has been developed entirely in Switzerland. Switzerland has many advantages, adds Oscar Schwenk. It offers including innovation, quality of work and the lack of strike. Pilate therefore has no intention of leaving the country.

Pilatus PC-24 business jet

High wages are the flip side. They erode margins. In recent years, all of Pilatus employees received 14.5 months salary. That's a lot of money, but it pays a hundred times more now in terms of quality of work, Oscar Schwenk notes.

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