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Si2 landed in New York City after a flight over the Statue of Liberty

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June 11, 2016

This flight has stood out from the rest - it was short (a relief for the engineers at the Mission Control Center who didn’t lose much sleep) but, more importantly, it included a flight over the Statue of Liberty.

Solar Impulse 2 have now finished the crossing of the United States of America, finally landing at bustling JFK, in New York City. This flight marks the completion of a huge milestone in our journey around the world with Solar Impulse 2. Ending it with the flight over the Statue of Liberty is symbolic for Solar Impulse as the statue serves to welcome travellers to the country. Although Si2 will soon be leaving with Bertrand Piccard to cross the Atlantic Ocean, we wanted to pay tribute to all those who welcomed us in the land of pioneers this past month and a half.

Solar Impulse Airplane - Leg 14 - Flight Lehigh Valley to New York

After a flight that lasted just over 5 hours from Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania to New York City, André Borschberg touched down at JFK at 7:59AM UTC, 9:59AM CET, 3:59AM on June 11th.

“The Statue of Liberty is a symbol of American values: the liberty to be a pioneer, the freedom to explore and invent. It welcomes travellers who arrive in this country, and flying over it was a tribute we paid for the special welcome we received at each destination.” Say André Borschberg.

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to host a public visit of the plane as JFK is a very busy airport. But hopefully you’ll be able to catch a glimpse of Si2 when it takes off for the crossing of the Atlantic.

When will that be? No idea yet. The Monaco Mission Control Center has already started looking for a clear weather window to cross the pond. We’ll be landing somewhere between Ireland and Morocco, destinations include Ireland, France, Portugal, Spain, and Morocco.

Image above: The #StatueofLiberty welcomes travellers, flying over it now we pay tribute to the special welcome we received here. André Borschberg on Twitter.

Yes, it’s a vast distance, but we’ll keep you posted as soon as we know which country will be our next destination. To be the first to know, here’s where you have to be:

For more information about SolarImpulse Around The World, visit:

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