mardi 21 juin 2016

SolarImpulse - Day 2: The sun is about to rise to help us continue over the Atlantic Ocean

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June 21, 2016

It certainly is not easy to make a solar plane fly across the Atlantic Ocean without a single drop of fuel. It is a challenge to make sure the mood and flight conditions are favorable for our pilot.

In order to fly Si2, we need to make sure the clouds do not entirely block the sun or that they are low enough so that Si2 can fly above them, ultimately reaching the sun’s rays.

We are about to reach Energy Neutral Morning, the moment when the sun provides Si2 enough energy to fly without relying on the batteries. It's always a great feeling after a dark night in a solar-powered airplane. Now the key moment remains, will Si2 be powered by the sun?

Watch the Live show at 8:00AM UTC, 10:00AM CET and 4:00AM EDT:

The Strawberry Moon

"Tonight, as I fly across the Atlantic Ocean in Solar Impulse 2, I will experience a phenomenon that has not occurred in 68 years: the Strawberry Moon. It happens when the summer solstice and the Full Moon coincide. June 20th is the longest day of the year, with 17 hours of sunlight and this year it is followed by a bright full moon to guide me across the Atlantic Ocean in my solar-powered airplane." Say Bertrand Piccard pilot of this flight.

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Image, Text, Credit: SolarImpulse.


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