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Engineer and founder of Swiss Space Systems (S3) violently assaulted

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Sept. 5, 2016

The boss of a company active in space technology was brutally assaulted there ten days. He was threatened for months.

The engineer and head of the company Swiss Space Systems (S3) Pascal Jaussi almost died on August 26 last in a forest in the Broye, Fribourg. As revealed Monday the newspaper "24 heures", the forty was beaten, strangled and literally burned by several assailants who followed him by car from the headquarters of his company. It was then left for dead beside his car on fire near Aumont (FR). An assault worthy of a movie. He escaped by a miracle. His condition is critical, but his days are not in danger.

 Pascal Jaussi CEO & Founder

How has this father could find itself in a similar situation? Disturbing indications that his professional activity started in 2013 is not for nothing, says the Vaudois daily. Specializing in highly strategic technology of satellite launches by space shuttles, the brilliant engineer evolves in an environment of fierce competition among several actors from around the world. In seeking to democratize the maximum this field, Pascal Jaussi has not only friends.

For several months, he said threatened to industrial issues. He had spoken to his entourage and the police. Last year, computer equipment his company had been sabotaged by individuals broke. If it is related to its business, the attack of 26 August pushed much further limitations of these attempts at intimidation. We are devastated and shocked by what is happening, says a company founder S3, joined by our colleagues. (...) This is madness, the real James Bond! "

The investigation into this ambush is underway. Several issues remain to be clarified, says the Fribourg cantonal police.

Editor's Note:

Personally, I do not think that this latest attack is linked to his activities, I think rather a heinous crime motivated by money, it is public notoriety as aerospace brew a lot of money because these are expensive technologies.

Kidnapping and torture are "mafia-like" methods used in the crime organization.

And some journalists and police officers are especially ignorant about the aerospace activities in Switzerland, most concurrent companies are also based in Switzerland and have a fair and constructive competition, either through cooperation on space programs are headquartered Switzerland to enjoy tax regimes and trained indigenous staff, stability and tranquility of Switzerland.

Image above: Swiss Space Systems (S3) wants to develop the launch of low cost satellites with a reusable space shuttle.

The market for space launch is currently dominated by Arianespace (ESA / CNES, Switzerland is a member of the ESA), which has 50% market share, followed by International Launch Services (ILS, USA / Russia), third SpaceX (Eon Musk , USA), which also has a contract with NASA to refueled ISS suite United Launch Alliance (ULA, USA) are specialized on military launches and for refueling ISS, ISC Kosmotras (Dnepr Space Launch System - SLS, Moscow Russia) specializes in recycling SS-18 missile Inter-continental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs) in commercial launcher, Sea launch AG offshore launching pad for rocket Zenit-3SL, headquartered in Nyon, canton de Vaud as S3 in Payerne, the reusable space shuttle will be manufactured by Dassault Aviation. The Japanese and Chinese agencies have currently a small market share because they were more focused on the domestic market (indigenous telecommunications and navigation satellites) and scientific research.

In the area of ​​cooperation in space programs, there Ruag (known for the manufacture of fairing's for Ariane rockets), the Universities of Bern, Zurich, Geneva, Neuchâtel (atomic clocks in the satellites), EPFL, ETH Zurich, the CERN who collaborate on space programs. I wish a speedy recovery to Pascal Jaussi so he can return to his activities quickly. Roland Berga, founder & owner of Aerospace.

For more information about Swiss Space Systems (S3), visit:

Images, Text, Credits: FRB/Swiss Space Systems (S3)/ Aerospace.


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