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The crash of Swiss Air Force F/A-18 is linked to a communication error with the pilot

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Sept. 5, 2016

The pilot of the F/A-18 that crashed Monday 29 August 2016 in the Bernese Alps have received incorrect information on its flight altitude before the crash, according to a survey of 10 Vor 10 issue of SRF.

As always in an accident of this type, the air traffic controller (Skyguide) will be heard by investigators, reacted on SRF Tobias Kühne, spokesman of Military Justice. He said that all tracks were explored.

Swiss Air Force F / A-18C

For his part, Pascal Kümmerling, a journalist specializing in aviation, believes it must remain cautious. "It's a part of information, but this is not necessarily the same reason of the crash The guidance system skyguide to specify aircraft if other devices in the area. what is amazing is that if there was a bad information transmitted by the air traffic control system, one might wonder why the first unit could pass safely and not the second, "he told the RTS.

The pilot died in the crash was a Vaudois 27 years. He had his pilot school in Payerne where he lived with his girlfriend, reports Blick Friday.

Search for black box

Twenty mountain specialists continue to look for pieces of the plane. But the accident site, at 3000 meters above sea level, is particularly steep terrain formed by glaciers and crevasses, which complicates the recovery of debris.

These will be valuable to the investigation, but it will especially find the black box of the aircraft. The spokesman of Military Justice said Wednesday that the analysis could take several months.

Push the limit - Swiss Air Force Tribute

A crash that reopens the debate on the purchase of new aircraft

While the investigation will shed light on the crash of the F / A-18 in the Bernese Alps, parliamentarians are divided about to relaunch the debate on the purchase of new fighter jets.

The crash of the F / A-18 Monday, August 29 in the Susten Pass region (UR / BE) is the fourth accident involving five aircraft involved in less than three years, which raises the question of the status of the aircraft 'army. This accident rekindled the debate on the need to acquire new jets, a little more than two years after the refusal of the purchase of 22 Gripen at the polls (this poll mainly penalized the bad choice of the aircraft).

Image Above: Dassault Rafale M "Swiss Air Force" for Flight Simulator X, this aircraft is the best choice to replace the F-5E Tiger and complement the F / A-18 Hornet that are no longer numerous enough to ensure services of rotation and maintenance for surveillance and aviation safety 24/24 over territory as planned for the coming years, F / A-18C & D fighters remaining: 25 F / A-18Cs, 6 F / A-18D two-seat.

"We do not know the reasons for the accident in Besançon and this accident, but we see that the planes are old, they have 20 years, and they are nearing the end of their business," notes the liberal-radical Aargau Corina Eichenberger in the Journal of the morning. "It is becoming increasingly difficult to organize air police and planes are used more, that is to say, they become even more worn and their lifespan is shortened."

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Images, Video, Text, Credits: RTS /SAF/ Aerospace/Roland Berga.


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