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S3: Jaussi accused of having organized his aggression

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24 January 2017

Criminal proceedings have been opened against the boss of Swiss Space Systems for inducing misleading justice, intentional and false fire in the titles.

Pascal Jaussi claimed to have been forced to go into a forest with his vehicle and then sprayed with gasoline by two persons.

Found burned with his car

On 26 August 2016, the police found Pascal Jaussi in a forest in Aumont (FR). Seriously injured by the fire in his car, he was conscious but had burns to his chest and face, as well as neck injuries. He was immediately helicoptered to the CHUV (University hospital) in Lausanne. Heard the police the next day, S3's boss claimed to have been forced to go there and then sprinkled gasoline by two individuals, including one he had met that morning at his company's headquarters. The alleged aggressors would then have set fire to the contractor and his car. Cured for his burns, he was able to leave the hospital on September 6th.

A staging: this is what seem to indicate elements of the investigation on the aggression suffered by Pascal Jaussi, on August 26. The Fribourg court, based on the DNA traces collected, the examination of the telephone, forensic findings and the reconstruction of the fire, opened an investigation for the induction of justice in error, intentional and false fire in the Titles against the boss of the bankrupt company Swiss Space Systems (S3).

Pascal Jaussi, CEO & Founder of Swiss Space Systems or S3

The Public Prosecutor's Office stresses in its statement that the Fribourg police are continuing their investigations both on the aggression and on "the financial aspect in connection with company S3". He pointed out, however, that this second aspect "will subsequently be the subject of a request for resumption of jurisdiction by the Vaud Public Prosecutor".

Contacted by "20minutes", the prosecutor Raphaël Bourquin specifies that a second person is prosecuted criminally in the financial part of the company S3, bankrupt. "The Iranian investor Amin Forati is already warned, says the magistrate of Fribourg. We have strong suspicions about his announced bank guarantee of nearly 29 million francs. "

Dr. Amin Forati is a forty-year-old doctor at the head of a company he founded in Dubai, where he lived until last year, with a house in Payerne (VD), in a house belonging to The company S3 according to an interview of "Morning" in 2016. It has now disappeared without known address and would also be sought abroad for various business.

As for the aggression of 26 August 2016, the Fribourg public prosecutor is convinced that the head of S3 has staged the facts. "I do not think the accused has voluntarily self-mutilated," says Raphael Bourquin. But I support the thesis that by firing his own vehicle to mislead the investigators, Pascal Jaussi suffered a backlash that burned him. "For the prosecutor, the contractor attempted to attract Capital for his company by being thus under the spotlight.

Following this announcement, Pascal Jaussi contacted "20 minutes" by e-mail. He contests the facts alleged against him. He said he was "confident that the criminal investigation will prove his total innocence".

Editor's Note:

This case becomes completely sordid and does not consider anything good for future S3 projects, its behavior and its business strategy errors (it has seen too big too fast) and premature investment (purchase of the Airbus A340- 300) instead of to start, to rent a plane with crew, infrastructure disproportionate, too many staff etc ... I fear that its credibility seriously badly damaged after this case, it is damage to have ruined everything, Was a beautiful and good project. Roland Berga, CEO & Founder of Aerospace.

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Image Credits: Swiss Space Systems (S3)/Text, Credits: 20 minutes/Frédéric Nejad/Mirko Martino/Translation: Aerospace/Roland Berga.


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