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Swiss start-up to revolutionize aviation

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Jan. 8, 2017

Hangar 55 SA has developed an electric aerobatics aircraft with an autonomy of one hour.

Aerodrome of Rarogne (VS) by a glacial winter morning. Everything seems paralyzed by the cold. Only the traffic noise on the neighboring road is perceptible. And yet, above the runway, an airplane evolves without any noise.

Image Above: Beeing one of the first electric aerobatic aircrafts, Hamilton aEro has been presented to the audience.

The aircraft is the spearhead of the start-up Valais Hangar 55 SA. Created two years ago by the pilot of Air Zermatt Thomas Pfammatter and the paragliding world champion Dominique Steffen, it has as a crazy idea to revolutionize aviation.

"It's obvious that aviation must be electric," says Thomas Pfammatter. An evidence that the prototype aircraft of the start-up wants to highlight. An aerobatic machine with an autonomy of one hour.

Real performance

The pilot of Air Zermatt and the adept of paragliding acrobatic have carried out this project by relying on the bases of a device Silence Twister. Equipped with an electric motor of its German partner with a power of 80 kW (about 107 hp), the car can reach a speed of 300 km / h. It holds up to an hour in the air in ordinary use, equivalent to about 160 km. The electric plane is very well suited to acrobatics sessions. After recharging his batteries in 20 minutes, he can leave for a period of acrobatic figures of the same duration.

Hamilton aEro has been presented to the audience

Performance may seem laughable. Yet the prototype has already multiplied the possibilities of the current electric models. The best current electric aerobatic aircraft hold a quarter of an hour, says Sébastien Demont, an engineer and pilot who joined the adventure a year ago.

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Images, Text, Credits: ATS/Hangar 55 SA/Hamilton aEro/Orbiter.ch Aerospace/Roland Berga.

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