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April 8, 2017

Today, April 8, 2017, on the 86th year of his life, twice died Hero of the Soviet Union, Hero of Czechoslovakia, pilot-cosmonaut Georgy Mikhailovich Grechko.

Georgy GRECHKO was born on May 25, 1931 in Leningrad. In 1955 he graduated with honors from the Leningrad Mechanical Institute, he worked at OKB-1. In 1966 he entered the cosmonaut detachment. Georgy GRECHKO made 3 space flights with a total duration of 134 days 20 hours 32 minutes 58 seconds and one spacewalk for 1 hour 28 minutes.

Georgy GRECHKO. Image Credit: Wikipedia

From January 11 to February 9, 1975, together with Alexei Gubarev, made a flight on the Soyuz-17 spacecraft as a flight engineer. December 10, 1977 - March 16, 1978 together with Yuri ROMANENKO flew on the Soyuz-26 spacecraft as a flight engineer of the spacecraft and the Salyut-6 orbital station. On September 17-26, 1985, Georgy GRECHKO as a flight engineer together with commander Vladimir Vasyutin and cosmonaut-researcher Alexander VOLKOV made the third space flight on the Soyuz T-14 spacecraft and the Salyut-7 orbital station. This is the last space flight Georgy GRECHKO performed at the age of 54 years.

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ROSCOSMOS condoles with relatives and friends of Georgy Mikhailovich GRECHKO. Everlasting memory.

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