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CASC - Long March 4C launches Gaofen-5 satellite

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May 8, 2018

Long March 4C carrying Gaofen 5 launch

China launched a new remote sensing satellite called Gaofen-5 via a Long March 4C from the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center on Tuesday. Launch took place at 18:28 from the LC9 launch complex.

The Gaofen civilian high-resolution remote sensing satellites (gao fen = high-resolution) are part of a program that is one of the 16 main programs announced by the State Council in a 15 year plan of Chinese national science and technology programs between 2006 and 2020.

Long March 4C carrying Gaofen 5 launch

This program will become the main civilian Earth observation project of China in the next years, combining the use of satellites as well as airplanes and even stratosphere balloons.

The program was started in 2010 and at least 14 satellites are planned, forming a near-real-time, all-weather, global surveillance network for agricultural planning, disaster relief, environment protection, and security purposes.

Gaofen satellite

In May 2010, China officially initiated the development China High-Resolution Earth Observation System (CHEOS), which is established as one of the major national science and technology projects. The Earth Observation System and Data Center of China National Space Administration (EOSDC-CNSA) is responsible for organizing the construction of the CHEOS.

The Earth Observation System and Data Center, China National Space Administration was established in Mar 2010. The Center is principally responsible for organizing and implementing as well as managing CHEOS. It is also responsible for EO application services, commercial development, technology consultant and international cooperation.

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Images, Video, Text, Credits: CASC/Xinhua/Günter Space Page/NASA C. Barbosa.


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