mardi 21 octobre 2014

Proton-M launch Express AM6 on orbit


October 21, 2014

Proton-M carrying Express-AM6 satellite on the launch-pad

Russia’s Express-AM6 telecommunications satellite blast off atop a Proton-M launch vehicle with its Breeze-M upper stage. The launched on schedule from its traditional home at the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan at 15:09 UTC.

 Launch of Proton-M with the spacecraft Express-AM6

The Express-AM6 mission is part of a largescale national program to upgrade the Russian orbital communications constellation that was initiated with the launch of Express-AM5 in December 2013.

Another pair of the Express satellites – Express-AT1 and AT2 – was deployed and made operational in the first half of 2014. Russia plans to launch Express-AM7, AM8 and AMU1 in the coming years.

Proton-M launch animation

Express-AM6 is Russia’s second unpressurized heavy telecommunications satellite carrying a large number of transponders and antennas.

Positioned in geostationary orbit at 53 degrees East, the Express-AM6 satellite will beam digital broadcasting, fixed and mobile communications, including presidential and governmental packages, high-speed Internet services and the like.

Express-AM6 satellite

Like its predecessor, AM6 is based on the Express-2000 satellite platform designed by Reshetnev ISS.

The platform supplies the craft’s payload with electric power, maintains the necessary temperature, keeps the satellite stationed in orbit, performs orbital maneuvers, exchanges telemetry and commands, and supports other functions.

Express-2000 spacecraft are Russia’s most powerful telecommunications satellites characterized by advanced technical specifications, including:

- 15 kW of power, of which 13 kW can be allotted to the payload;
- 15-year lifetime (fueled for 17 years);
- 1100-kg payload.

Express-AM6 Major Specifications

SatBeams - Express AM6 (Ekspress AM6, EAM6) satellite technical details, its charts, beams and call sign:

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