dimanche 7 avril 2013

The Solar Impulse technical flights have begun!

SolarImpulse Across America patch.

April 7, 2013

The Solar Impulse technical flights have begun! There will be at least 4 of them over the coming weeks. These flights are designed to check the aircraft’s maneuverability and responsiveness in preparation for this spring’s Across America mission – which will kick off starting May 1st. They are necessary to ensure proper functioning and overall safety of HB-SIA which has undergone full disassembly and reassembly in March for transport from Switzerland to the United States.


The first one took place Tuesday April 2nd and it was a success: HB-SIA demonstrated its usual behavior.

You want follow these flights? The adventure is only a click away! Just sign up today and you will receive automatic notifications of all upcoming technical flights directly in your inbox! Every flight will be presented with an interactive map on our website: http://solarimpulse.com/across_america/s/flighttests

HB-SIA SolarImpulse first test flight across America

All Solar Impulse flights are fully dependent on weather conditions. Because of the aircraft’s light weight and ultra-thin materials, strong winds, storms are to be avoided. For this reason, flights are confirmed only a day in advance and can be subject to change depending on the latest forecast.

Fore more information about SolarImpulse, visit: http://solarimpulse.com/

Image, Video, Text, Credit: SolarImpulse.

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