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The "Jade Rabbit" completed its mission

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August 3, 2016

The unmanned vehicle sent by Beijing on the moon, was definitely off, said Wednesday the Chinese state media.

 Jade Rabbit on the descent of the lunar lander

The unit was the symbol of the space ambitions of the communist regime. The population was enthusiastic about his prowess, commented extensively on social networks.

The craft unmanned said goodbye after nearly three years of mission marked by several phases of coma.

Designed for operational twelve weeks, the "Jade Rabbit" (Yutu in Mandarin) will be probed and finally walked on the moon in 31 months, linking technical and resurrections to the delight of Chinese Internet users.

The unit, symbol of space ambitions of the communist regime, had become a source of pride in China, where the population is enthusiastic about his prowess, commented extensively on social networks.

But this time the machine finally stopped for good business, said the official Xinhua news agency, citing the State Administration for Science, Technology and Industry at the service of National Defense.

"Great Success"
Half a century after the United States and their Apollo program, China has its eyes fixed on the moon, where she dreams of being the first Asian country to send a human, probably after 2025.

Jade Rabbit

Anxious to improve its technical, China had managed to land on the moon in late 2013 its Chang'e-3 probe (named after the Chinese goddess of the moon) and then land on the surface of the "Bunny jade" qualified assignment "full success".

Comments upset

On an official microblog account, a final message attributed to "Rabbit jade" Sunday offered his moving farewell to mankind: "This time it is 'good night' for ever (...) I am the rabbit which has seen the most stars! Moon said she was preparing me dream for a very long time. "

This message, together with the piece "Universal Traveler" the French group Air, was shared almost 100,000 times and provoked upset comments rains, one promised Yutu of "carrot pies by the millions."

Jade Rabbit rolling on the moon

Another social network user commented: "I do not understand why I have so much heartbroken. After all, it is only a machine. "

Symbol of Power

China spends billions of dollars to the conquest of space, seen as a symbol of the new power of the country under the ruling of the Communist Party.

China now plans to launch by 2018 a rover called Chang'e-4 on the far side of the Moon, which would be a historic first.

For more information about Jade Rabbit an China National Space Administration (CNSA), visit: and the official website:

Images, Text, Credits: CNSA/ Aerospace/Roland Berga.

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