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Launch failure for Proton-M with Express AM4R, satellite are lost


May 15, 2014

Proton-M with Express AM4R launch

A Russian government Proton rocket with a Breeze M upper stage, lofting the Express AM4R satellite in orbit to provide television broadcasting, broadband Internet, multimedia services and mobile communications for the Russian Satellite Communications Co.

 Launch of Proton-M with Express AM4R

Launch of the Proton-M rocket took place from Launch Pad 39 at the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan at 21:42 GMT. However, an unspecified failure was noted during third stage flight. The rocket and satellite are lost.

Proton-M description

The spacecraft sported 30 C-band, 28 Ku-band, 2 Ka-band and 3 L-band transponders and was to provide digital television and radio broadcasting services across Russia, mobile presidential and government communications, multimedia services (telephony, video conferencing, data transmission, Internet access) as well as solutions based on VSAT network technologies.

Breeze M upper stage

The Astrium-built Ekspress-AM4R – which now appears to be lost – had a mass at launch of 5,741 kg. It is based on the Eurostar E3000 platform and was expected to enjoy a service life of 15 years.

Artist's view of Express AM4R satellite (lost)

A similar incident took place at the launch satellites Express-MD2 and Telkom-3 by the same launcher on August 7, 2012:

For more information about Proton-M rocket, visit:

Images, Video, Text, Credits: ROSCOSMOS TV / Tsenki / Astrium / Khrunichev / Aerospace.


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