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Stratospheric flight with a solar plane

Mission SolarStratos - To the Edge of Space logo.

November 20, 2014

Mission SolarStratos - To the Edge of Space

Neuchâtel (Switzerland), who was the first to sail around the world with a solar-powered boat, got funding for a flight over 24'000m altitude with a small solar plane.

Mission SolarStratos - To the Edge of Space - Launch 2014

Video above: Mission SolarStratos - to the Edge of Space. SolarStratos, Raphael Domjan - Go Further With Solar Energy. 3D / X-Plane modeling: Alexis Domjan/Cameraman and editor: Yannick Barthe.

Raphaël Domjan is the initiator of the SolarStratos mission, which is to bring in 2017 to more than 80,000 feet (over 24,000 meters) on a tandem solar plane. He announced in a statement that raised funds for the construction of its solar plane with several partners.

Raphael Domjan and SolarStratos plane model

At the Mission SolarStratos, Raphael Domjan hopes to reach altitudes above 24 km, where temperatures of about -70 ° C prevail. His plane, unpressurized be 7.9 m long, with a wingspan of 24.4 meters and weighs 400 kg. 22 m2 of photovoltaic cells will provide autonomy to tandem over 24 hours, which should achieve this "eco-adventure".

He will take about 5 hours to achieve the feat of climbing to the target altitude and contemplate the stars before returning to earth.

SolarStratos simulation model

Beyond this adventure, Raphaël Domjan and his team say they plan to open a door on a solar electric and near the commercial aviation space in order to create unique travel with private passengers or scientific .

After PlanetSolar

In 2012, he was teammates with curly to Monaco in the first round of the world only by solar energy. Its giant catamaran PlanetSolar, he had imagined and built, had joined its starting point in 584 days, 23 hours and 31 minutes of navigation.

PlanetSolar around the World

Swiss research and industry are at the forefront in the field of solar energy and photocells. Two other Swiss Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg will launch next year from Abu Dhabi into a world tour with a plane with only four electric motors powered by solar energy, Solar Impulse 2. Their first prototype Solar Impulse 1 allowed them to make several long flights in Europe, Morocco, and across the United States with more stops, making them the first to accomplish such a feat.

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