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A battery problem grounded in Hawaii Solar Impulse 2

SolarImpulse- Around The World patch.

July 11, 2015

The solar plane can not take back his world tour for at least two to three weeks, due to overheating of the batteries during his crossing of the Pacific.

Image Above: Solar Impulse landing in Hawaii. Solar Impulse 2 remain grounded in Hawaii for at least two to three weeks. Reason: overheating of the batteries during his crossing of the Pacific.

Repairs on Solar Impulse 2 is necessary, the organization said in a statement Saturday. The batteries were partially damaged irreversibly and replacement of defective parts could take several weeks.

Overheating occurs during the first ascent from Nagoya toward Hawaii in early oceanic flight record five days and five nights. Excess insulation is concerned, and the temperature could not be lowered for the remainder of the flight.

Solar Impulse Airplane: Landing in Hawaii

The team is studying different options to solve this problem, but no flights will be possible within two to three weeks, the statement said.

Departure from Abu Dhabi on March 9, Solar Impulse 2 has accomplished so far almost 18,000 kilometers. It landed on July 3 on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, after a Pacific crossing from Japan of 8,200 km. This stage was the longest of the world tour scheduled on 35,000 kilometers.

Still a chance to complete in 2015

The next destination was Phoenix, Arizona. Follow the crossing of the United States to the east coast.

Solar Impulse 2 landing in Hawaii, André Borschberg the pilot

This new setback, while the solar plane had already had to wait a month in China, reduces the chances of complete round the world in 2015. The deadline for the crossing of the Atlantic was set for mid-August, requires sunshine.

"But we still have a chance," said the ats spokeswoman Alexandra Gindroz. The crossing of the United States can be done in 48 hours, it can go very fast, she says. Otherwise, if Hawaii repairs were taking too much time, the epic would continue in 2016, as has already been suggested both pilots.

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Images, Video, Text, Credits: SolarImpulse/ATS/ Aerospace.