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Celestia Aerospace, ready to design, build and launch nano-satellites from Spain

Celestia Aerospace logo.

July 24, 2015

In recent years, artificial nano-satellites based on miniature standard Cubesat have become very interesting for institutions and companies who want to place experiments in space at a relatively affordable cost alternative.

But his biggest problem is just to get them into space.

Three CubeSat make their flight from the ISS. Image Credit: NASA

Typically leverage excess capacity in other pitches to load coupled to, or take advantage of capsules shipments of cargo to the International Space Station, from where you can also pitch.

What happens is that this conditional releases to the main burdens of these are ready, which can lead to delays of years.

Celestia Aerospace, a Spanish company, has been raised to create an alternative to this and offer pitches in a maximum of two weeks.

For this they use a Mig-29UB fighter demilitarized who have dubbed Archer 1 from a height of 20 kilometers nano-satellites (Cubesat) using demilitarized launch missiles baptized here as Space Arrow.

Space Arrow CM and Space Arrow SM Capacity. Image Credit: Celestia Aerospace

In each flight Archer 1 may launch up to four Space Arrow SM in a configuration in which each can carry up to four Cubesat's or a single Space Arrow CM capable of carrying 16 Cubesat's within.

The set of Archer and Space Arrow they have been dubbed Sagittarius Airborne Launch System and will be able to place nano-satellites (Cubesat) launched into orbits between 400 and 600 km altitude, which may not sound like much, but it is already above altitude of the orbit of the International Space Station.

Image above: Nano-satellites (Cubesat) launched into orbits between 400 and 600 km altitude. Image Credit: Celestia Aerospace.

Celestia intends to start shooting in 2016 from a Spanish airport, although they are also in talks with the Spanish Air Force Eurofighter to use as a launching pad, which perhaps could allow them to start before the pitches.

In addition to the launch Celestia another area of ??business, which is the design, construction and maintenance and operation of nano-satellite (Cubesat) to third parties also arises.

It will be based on Cubesat standard in terms of dimensions and weight, but want to patent defined functional sub-standards for specific business sectors.

Archer 1 / MiG-29 U. Image Credit: Celestia Aerospace

Launches using SALS will be open, of course, Celestia Aerospace both designed by Cubesat releases for their customers and launches them bring Cubesat already mounted.

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