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Long March 2D launches the recoverable Shijian-10

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April 9, 2016

Chinese Long March 2D rocket launches recoverable Shijian-10

China has launched the Shijian-10 recoverable satellite. The launch of Shijian-10 took place at 17:38 UTC on Tuesday April 5, 2016 using a Long March-2D launch vehicle from the 603 Launch Pad at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center’s LC43.

Microgravity experiments on Shijian-10, the 24th recoverable satellite of China, cover the fields of physical science and life science.

ShiJian-10 launch. Video Credits: CCTV/SciNews

The scientific purpose of the program is to promote the scientific research in the space microgravity environment by operating Shijian-10 at low Earth orbit for two weeks.

There are six experiments for fluid physics, three for combustion and eight for materials science in the field of physical science.

Also on board are three experiments for radiation biology, three for gravitational biology and four for biotechnology in the field of life science.

Shijian-10 spacecraft

The satellite also carries an experiment from the European Space Agency that consists of containers of highly pressurized crude oil will to help to improve our knowledge of oil reservoirs buried kilometers underground.

A full list and overview of the experiments can be found on this link:

Shijian-10 will operate on a 220 x 482 km orbit at 63 degrees orbital inclination. Mission duration is expected to be two weeks. The launch mass of the satellite is 3,600 kg.

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Images, Video (mentioned), Text, Credits: CASC/CCTV/NASA C. Barbosa.

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