lundi 2 mai 2016

SolarImpulse - André Borschberg initiates the Crossing of America!

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April 2, 2016

When the first morning light broke the night sky, André Borschberg lifted from the tarmac to welcome the morning. Si2 took-off at 12:03PM UTC, 2:03PM CET, 5:03AM PT on May 2nd for a journey that is expected to last 16 hours and 23 minutes until landing in Phoenix Goodyear Airport, Arizona, USA.

Si2 took-off from Moffett Airfield, Mountain View, California

This marks the first Solar Impulse 2 flight across the North American continent, attempting to finally reach New York. We hope you can spot it in the sky, and otherwise you can watch it on SolarImpulse website!

Solar Impulse 2 - Leg 10 from San Francisco to Phoenix:

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Image, Text, Credits: SolarImpulse.