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China Space Station - Shenzhou-12 crew prepares for second spacewalk


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August 17, 2021

Shenzhou-12 crew prepares for second spacewalk

The Shenzhou-12 crew, astronauts Nie Haisheng (commander), Liu Boming and Tang Hongbo,  prepares for the second extravehicular activity (EVA or spacewalk) planned during their three months mission on the Tianhe core module (天和核心舱), the first and main component of the China Space Station (中国空间站), informally known as Tiangong (天宫, Heavenly Palace).

Shenzhou-12 crew prepares for second spacewalk

During the last 30 days, the Shenzhou-12 (神舟十二号) astronauts “activated the magnetic levitation experiment facility” that “includes a chamber of high-level micro-gravity”, “completed assembly of a space centrifuge, an equipment used for centrifugalizing samples”, and performed some “spring cleaning” in the Tianhe core module.

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