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Progress MS-17 completed its flight


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Nov. 25, 2021

Today, November 25, 2021, at 14:23 Moscow time, the Progress MS-17 cargo vehicle undocked from the Nauka multipurpose laboratory module of the International Space Station. After 4 hours, it was deorbited, and the unburned parts were flooded in the non-navigable part of the Pacific Ocean.

Progress cargo spacecraft atmospheric reentry

At 17:34:51 Moscow time, the main engine was turned on for braking, having worked for almost 4 minutes, he reported to the "truck" a braking impulse of 118 meters per second. After that "Progress MS-17" left the near-earth orbit and ceased to exist. Unburned in dense layers of the atmosphere, fragments of the ship fell at 18:17:12 Moscow time at the "cemetery of spaceships" in the non-navigable region of the South Pacific Ocean, 1.8 thousand km from the city of Wellington and 7.7 thousand km from the city of Santiago.

The Progress MS-17 spacecraft undocked from the pressurized adapter of the Nauka module together with the transition spacer, which ensured the docking of the Soyuz MS and Progress MS transport vehicles. Now the multipurpose laboratory module is ready for the docking of the Progress M-UM cargo module, which is scheduled for November 26 at 18:26 Moscow time.

Progress MS-17 undocking and departure

As a reminder, the Soyuz-2.1a launch vehicle successfully launched the Progress MS-17 spacecraft into its target orbit on June 30, 2021. Two days later, it docked in the normal mode to the small research module "Poisk" of the Russian segment of the ISS. During its flight, the elements of a one-turn rendezvous scheme with the International Space Station were worked out. A month ago, the ship was re-docked: on October 21, it undocked from the "Search" and spent 29 hours in an autonomous flight. During this time, he made several maneuvers and moved away from the ISS by 185 kilometers. The next day Progress MS-17 spacecraft successfully docked to Nauka in automatic mode.

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