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China Space Station - Shenzhou-13 astronauts complete second spacewalk


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Dec 27, 2021

On 26 December 2021, the Shenzhou-13 crew conducted an extravehicular activity (EVA, spacewalk). At 10:44 UTC (18:44 China Standard Time), astronaut Ye Guangfu opened the hatch of the Tianhe core module, starting starting his first spacewalk and the second extravehicular activity for the Shenzhou-13 (神舟十三) mission.

Shenzhou-13 astronauts complete second spacewalk

During the spacewalk, astronauts Zhai Zhigang (翟志刚) and Ye Guangfu(叶光富) adjusted the panoramic camera, installed hardware for future use and evaluated the spacesuits, while astronaut Wang Yaping (王亚平) provided support from inside, including operation of the robotic arm. At 16:55 UTC, on 26 December 2021(27 December, at 00:55 China Standard Time), the astronauts successfully completed all the planned tasks. The Tianhe core module (天和核心舱) is the first and main component of the China Space Station (中国空间站), informally known as Tiangong (天宫, Heavenly Palace).

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