mardi 8 février 2011

Kedr to Begin its Space Mission on Feb. 16

ISS - Expedition 26 Mission patch.


Russian cosmonauts Dmitry Kondratiev and Oleg Skripochka are preparing to conduct another spacewalk scheduled for Feb.16.

The cosmonauts prepare EVA equipment, test control panels in Zvezda and Pirs modules. This week they will go on with consultations and preparations.

Dmitry Kondratiev posing between two Orlan spacesuits

This is to be second joint EVA for Kondratiev and Skripochka. During the first EVA of 2011, on Jan. 21, they completed the program successfully 30 min ahead the schedule.

In the foreground of the image: Kedr Small Spacecraft To Be Launched From ISS (in demonstration at Baikonur)

This time, Russian cosmonauts are to launch small spacecraft Kedr developed under the RadioSkaf experiment. The satellite’s name was adopted by Yuri A. Gagarin call sign in his historical flight, namely Kedr. The satellite’s signal will be transmitted at radio amateur frequency of 145.95 MHz. Kedr has radio amateur call sign RS1S.

ARISS logo

RadioSkaf is implemented in the framework of UNESCO’s student space education program.

Images, Text, Credits: Roscosmos PAO / NASA.