jeudi 15 décembre 2016

The bankruptcy of S3 is pronounced

S3 - Swiss Space Systems logo.

Dec.15, 2016

Swiss Space Systems Holdings (S3), based in Payerne (VD) Switzerland, is bankrupt.

The adjournment was revoked by the Civil Court of the Waldensian Broye and North, said Thursday the Judicial Order of Vaud. The court ruled on Wednesday following the 6 December hearing. He revoked the adjournment and declared bankruptcy without prior prosecution of the company.

The court considered that "the conditions for prolonging the adjournment were no longer fulfilled". Swiss Space Systems Holding may lodge an appeal against the decision of the court within ten days.

Pascal Jaussi, CEO / Founder of Swiss Space Syrems (S3)

For weeks, the company of Pascal Jaussi is at the center of the attention because of its financial difficulties. S3 wants to launch mini-satellites from a shuttle from an airplane. The company also announced plans to organize weightless flights.

On the activity of his company, Pascal Jaussi said that "S3 does not make military equipment". He nevertheless points to the strategic importance of space and its control in the "world economic war". "We were threatened, tapped. Our servers have even been sabotaged. "

Dassault retires

Launched in 2013 and based in Payerne (VD), S3 has benefited from the support of Dassault Aviation, "a great industrialist who protects you from blows". When the French group withdrew in 2015, "we found ourselves vulnerable", which required the search for investors.

Pascal Jaussi says that the minor flights (Zero G) are scheduled for the end of January. "We will be on time for these flights. I do not doubt for a moment, because I have behind me a formidable team. Since the flights have been canceled.

Swiss Space Systems concept

At the end of August, Pascal Jaussi claimed to have been very violently assaulted in the woods of Aumont (FR). The investigation is still ongoing.

In spite of everything, this enterprise will be able to reborn from these ashes like the Phoenix! It still enjoys support in Switzerland. Courage Pascal!

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