jeudi 21 juin 2018

The secret spatial aims of the Swiss army

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June 21, 2018

The army thought for a while to launch its own satellite. The project did not succeed but a "space cell" was born from this failure.

The Swiss army has space projects. To put it into practice, it even set up in 2017 a "space cell", reveals Thursday the RTS (Radio Television Swiss). The latter discovered by investigating the subject that the Department of Defense had been in negotiation with the start-up S3 (Swiss Space Systems) which offered launch satellites at broken prices. Through these discussions, the army planned to acquire its own satellite or, failing that, to obtain images provided by the company's & agencies. Objective: not to buy pictures abroad and thus gain independence.

Army spokesman Daniel Reist says negotiations with S3 have remained "at an early stage". Meanwhile, the company sank into a resounding bankruptcy. But the army did not end its space project so far. It created a "space cell", made up of eleven militia officers, more than half of whom also worked for the S3 start-up.

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Image, Text, Credits: NXP/ Aerospace/Roland Berga.

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