mardi 10 septembre 2019

JAXA - H-IIB F8/HTV-8 launch-pad in fire

JAXA - H-IIB Launch Vehicle No. 8 (H-IIB F8) Mission patch.

Sept. 10, 2019

H-IIB F8/HTV-8 launch-pad in fire

A Japanese H-2B rocket will launch the eighth H-2 Transfer Vehicle. The HTV serves as an automated cargo vehicle to deliver equipment and supplies to the International Space Station.

H-IIB F8/HTV-8 launchpad fire

JAXA’s H-IIB Launch Vehicle No. 8 (H-IIB F8) launch with the H-II Transfer Vehicle “KOUNOTORI8” (HTV-8) from the Yoshinobu Launch Complex, at JAXA’s Tanegashima Space Center, was canceled on 10 September 2019 due to a fire on the launchpad. The fire was extinguished, the causes are under investigation.

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Image, Video, Text, Credits: JAXA/NECOVIDEO VISUAL SOLUTIONS/SciNews/ Aerospace/Roland Berga.


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