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Exodus of civilization into space - Apocalypse; View from the UK. Part 15


The sun will become a red giant.

May 3, 2021


Here the fifteenth article of a series of articles by Ph.D. Morozov Sergey Lvovich, expert in chronology and calendar systems, as well as space biology and medicine, Parliamentarian of Asgardia (AMP) the first space Nation.

Ph.D. Morozov Sergey Lvovich

British physicist confirms the end of life on Earth

Death of the Earth

Completion of the Sun's life cycle will lead to the death of all life on planet Earth, to the absolute End of the World. This is the conclusion reached by the British physicist, researcher at the Royal Society of London, professor at the University of Manchester Brian Cox.

Professor Brian Cox, speaking at the Royal Institution, London, 26 November 2009

When the End of the World will happen and what it will be like, the scientist told the BBC program "Wonders of the Universe" on January 26, 2021.

The main source of life at the moment is approximately in the middle of its life cycle. The star burns about 600 million tons of hydrogen every second.

“This process is not endless - 5.5 billion years will pass, and the Sun will approach the end of its life cycle,” the specialist explained. Hydrogen reserves will run out, and then the final stage of the Sun's life will begin, which will result in catastrophic consequences for the Earth. At this moment, the core of the star will begin to expand rapidly, and the additional heat will force the outer layers of the Sun to increase. As a result, the luminary will fill the entire horizon, and all life on the planet will perish under its heat.

The death of civilization

"The end of the world for the Earth will come when the sun stops its vital activity," said physicist Brian Cox. He noted that the Sun has already passed half of its life cycle.

The sun acts as a source of life for the Earth thanks to light and heat, and those, in turn, are released due to the combustion of hydrogen. But after 5.5 billion years, the reserves of hydrogen on the star will run out. Then the "end" will come for the Earth.

After the disappearance of hydrogen reserves, the star will not go out idle, but will begin to collapse from the inside, starting from the core. The outer layers of the Sun will begin to expand, it will heat up, which will cause the temperature on the Earth to rise. Because of this, life on our planet will become impossible, and all living things will perish.

After a while, the Sun will turn into a red giant, and this will be its last phase of life. In this case, the star will significantly increase in size.

Previously, NASA stated that when the Sun becomes a red giant, it will become 2,000 times brighter. Survival of the Earth will be absolutely impossible.

“Ultimately the Sun will explode, and all that remains of our once magnificent star is a small, faintly glowing ember,” said Brian Cox.

The Earth will most likely not live up to this moment. And if he does, it will be in the form of scorched and barren stones that will witness the dying pangs of the Sun.

The sun has remained unchanged for 4.5 billion years. It melts 600 million tons of hydrogen into helium every second. This solar energy is the foundation of life on Earth. But when the supply of hydrogen runs out, the star will begin to die, and this event will have catastrophic consequences.

"Gradually, our planet will become hotter and hotter, so that the last perfect day will come on Earth, but in the end the existence of all life will become impossible," the physicist described the last day of life on Earth.

After the destruction of the solar core, the additional heat it generates will cause the outer layers of the Sun to expand (the Sun will become a red giant), and this process will burn the Earth. In 5.5 billion years, the Sun will explode, throwing a huge amount of gas and dust into space, forming a giant nebula, the professor explained. Then the Sun will turn into a brown dwarf - this is the final phase of the star's life, the physicist writes in the Express.

When there is no hydrogen left on the Sun, it will enter the final stage of its life - the core will begin to collapse, additional heat will be released, which will cause the outer layers of the Sun to expand.

Hot Earth

The consequences will be felt by the Earth - it will become hotter, and at some point life on the blue planet will become impossible, and everything will perish.


The water and atmosphere of the Earth will boil away, leaving nothing but charred lifeless stones. The sun will "grow so much that it fills the entire horizon." This will be the last phase of the life of the Earth, the Apocalypse.

But long before this moment, all flora and fauna on Earth will perish, since the Earth will leave the zone of most favored biological life much earlier. There will be no liquid water in the Earth's atmosphere. The earth will come out of a habitable zone or a habitable zone, a habitable zone (HZ).

In astronomy, this is a conditional area in space, determined from the calculation that the conditions on the surface of the planets in it will be very close to the conditions that will ensure the existence of water in the liquid phase.

Our commentary: for this state of absence of water in liquid form on the surface of the Earth, the civilization of people on Earth must be prepared in advance by the creation of flotillas of Homeostatic Arks (GC) - special spaceships on which it will be rescued in the vastness of the Universe within the framework of the Sixth CEF (Social and Economic-Formations).

The term "Homeostatic Ark" (2018) was first introduced by Sergey Lvovich Morozov in articles and in a monograph.

The sun is a red giant

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