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Exodus of civilization into space - Creation of the first ever mobile homeostatic ark (HA) in the USA. Part 16


Homeostatic ark (HC).

May 5, 2021


Here the sixteenth article of a series of articles by Ph.D. Morozov Sergey Lvovich, expert in chronology and calendar systems, as well as space biology and medicine, Parliamentarian of Asgardia (AMP) the first space Nation.

Ph.D. Morozov Sergey Lvovich

Creation of the first ever mobile homeostatic ark (HA) in the USA

Image above: Model of the first homeostatic ark (HC) in low Earth orbit (LEO) Photo

The Orbital Assembly Corporation (USA), a space construction company, has announced its intention to build in space in low Earth orbit (LEO) the first ever orbiting hotel space station with artificial earth-level gravity. This is the first ongoing project of the simplest single-disk mobile Homeostatic Ark (m-GK) in low Earth orbit (LEO) for "space" people, including space tourism.

The space station-hotel, as conceived by the authors of the project, will have the shape of a wheel with a diameter of 200 meters, which consists of 4 sections, divided into six identical autonomous residential units in each (total: a total of 24 autonomous residential units). The experimental Voyager prototype will have a diameter of 61 meters.

Each residential block, ~ 20 meters long, has its own individual berth and its own individual shuttle rescue ship (24 rescue shuttle ships in total).

Voyager will consist of 24 residential modules, the size of which will be 20 × 12 meters. The station can accommodate up to 400 people. Thus, Voyager should become the largest man-made structure in orbit. It will be located at an altitude of 500-550 km.

The assembly of such a large-scale object in space will require both new funds and new technologies. The company has already patented several robots that will be used to assemble.

The Falcon 9 reduced the cost of lifting 1 kg to $ 2000. With an estimated weight of the Voyager Station of 2,418 tons, the Orbital Assembly will need about $ 5 billion to lift all the materials needed for construction.

First, a demo sample and several variants of installations for generating artificial earth-level gravity will be created. The project provides for the most comfortable conditions for all residents of residential blocks at the level of the best models of the natural conditions of earthly prototypes.

For this, the entire structure of the station with a diameter of 200 meters will rotate at a speed of ~ 3 revolutions per minute in order to reach the earth's level of gravity in the calculation on the line of its perimeter. For a diameter of 61 m, the rotation speed will be ~ 5.7 rpm.

The assembly of the object will be carried out in one of the optimal low orbits with the attraction of funds from investors. Any investor can invest in a space hotel until April 1, 2021 by buying shares in the company, which are offered at an initial price of 25 cents apiece. In January, the company began fundraising by issuing an early investment of 4 million shares at 25 cents apiece. They were sold on Netcapital.

Image above: Model of the first homeostatic ark (HC) in low Earth orbit (LEO) Photo

The construction of this single, simpler orbital hotel with artificial gravity marks the beginning of the second space revolution. The era of the first orbital stations of the ISS type has come to an end, in which cosmonauts worked in conditions of weightlessness (microgravity) that are very harmful to their health, as a rule, no more than 4-6 months continuously.

In the orbital station of a new type, the residence of people will not be limited by any time and will not be accompanied by a special selection for health reasons, and no special conditions will be imposed on space inhabitants. Ordinary terrestrial people will permanently reside at the station in familiar terrestrial conditions.

It is stated that the Voyager itself will begin to be built in 2025.

And after Voyager, plans are even more ambitious - Gateway Station, which can become a transit point for long-distance space travel, a repair station, and so on. It should already accommodate 1400 people:

Gateway Station

Orbital Assembly gives hope that every inhabitant of the planet will have the opportunity to be in space.

(based on the article: How real is the Voyager orbital station? []

Orbital station "Voyager"

Our commentary: the civilization of people on Earth must be prepared in advance for permanent life in outer space by creating flotillas of Homeostatic Arks - special spaceships on which it will be rescued in the vastness of the Universe within the framework of the Sixth Socio-Economic Formation (SHOEF).

The term "Homeostatic Ark" (2018) was first introduced by Sergey Morozov, the term "Space" man (2020) - by Sergey Vladimirovich Krichevsky.

Based on materials: "NASA Stars will build a hotel in orbit - Neskuchnye technologies" [].

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